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Tartarugas ninjas

Essa receita é para quem gosta dos tartarugas ninjas ou para presentear alguem que goste.
A receita foi retirada do site: e está em inglês.

parte de trás

parte da frente

messing around like brothers do

Rnd 1: 8 sc in a magic ring 
Rnd 2: inc every other  (12 sc)
Rnd 3: inc every other (18 sc)
Rnd 4: inc every third (24 sc)
Rnd 5: inc every third (32 sc)
Rnd 6: inc every fourth (40 sc)
Rnds 7-12: Sc around (40 sc)
Rnd 13: dec every fourth  (32 sc)
Rnd 14: dec every third  (24 sc)
Rnd 15: dec every third  (18 sc)
(You may want to add the mask and eyes at this point and then stuff)
Rnd 16:  dec every second  (12 sc)
Rnd 17: dec every second (8 sc)
Finish off and pull tail thru to other side and clip.

Rnd 1: sc a long chain, long enough that you’ll be able to tie it together in the back, then crochet about an inch more.  I think this was a chain of 30 or so on mine.
Rnd 2/3: sc back and around  2x 
Finish off and weave in ends

Body, Arms, and Legs entirely the same as Rheatheylia’s Beary Jackson  ( with a slight modification. To the body
In her pattern the head and body are done in one piece.  I only needed a body so....I did a magic ring then followed her instructions exactly from 16-28.  I just added a magic ring first.  I didn’t stuff the arms/legs.

Rnd 1: 8 sc in a magic ring   (Start ring with a long lead so that you can use this to sew the head and arms to the body.
Rnd 2: Sc around (8)
Rnd 3: Inc every other (12)
Rnd 4: Sc around (12)
Rnd 5: Sc around (12)
Rnd 6: Inc every 3rd (16)
Rnd 7: Sc around (16)
Rnd 8: Sc around (16)
Rnd 9: Sc around (16)
Rnd 10: Inc every 4th (20)
Rnd 11: Sc around (20)
Rnd 12: Sc around (20)
Rnd 13: Dec every 4th (16)
Rnd 14: Dec every 3rd (12)
Sew bottom together flat using a whipstitch...leave a long tail so that you can use this to sew on the legs.

Rnd 1: 8 sc in a magic ring  (8)
Rnd 2: Inc in every sc (16)
Rnd 3: Inc every other (23)
Rnd 4: sc around (23)
Rnd 5: Dec in every other (16)  
Rnd 6: Dec in every till you can’t anymore 
Finish off and pull tail thru positioning it so that you can use this to sew it to the body.

Attach the mask to the head by sandwiching them between the eyes and the head.  I positioned it so that it was sorta in the middle for a more kawaii effect.  Next sew the head to the body using the yarn from the body and continue onto the arms.  Then using the yarn from the bottom sew on the legs.  Finally sew on the shell using the tail piece from it.  

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  1. Ainn que fofas essas tartaruguinhas. ^^

  2. muito fofas!amei!tenha um bom fim de semana bjs!

  3. adorei o blog.
    Aguardo a sua visita,

    Some não viu aguardo sua visita.
    Bju e Jesus te Ama.

  5. que lindas tartarugas amei !!parabéns!!bjs bom dia

  6. Que perfeitas essas tartarugas, parabéns flor.
    Amei conhecer seu blog, e aproveitei para virar seguidora.
    Conheça o Mais Estilosa flor e se gostar siga também.